Lab Diamonds

Lab diamonds have become more and more popular in the last few years, and more couples are considering them for engagement rings. There are many benefits to choosing a lab diamond, the first being that no one can tell the difference. They are also conflict-free and much more affordable than earth mined diamonds.


Loose Diamond Prices starting at:

1 ct G VS2 and above: $3000                        

1.5 ct G VS2 and above: $5500

1.75 ct G VS2 and above: $7525

2 ct G VS2 and above: $9400

2.25 G VS2 and above: $10,575

2.5 ct G VS2 and above:  $14,000

2.75 ct G VS2 and above: $15,400

3 ct G VS2 and above: $22,500


We specialize in offering diamonds that are G VS2 and above, unless otherwise requested. Our prices are competitive and we will price match any diamond.*


Diamond Concierge Service


Our diamond concierge service is a one-on-one experience that begins with a consultation. After you fill out the form below, someone will contact you to set up an initial phone call to discuss your needs. Once we understand your diamond requirements, we will present you with a number of diamonds to choose from. If nothing in our inventory matches your requirements, we will cut a diamond to your specifications. 

All of our diamonds are lab-created CVD diamonds. Learn more about lab diamonds here.  

Resellers interested in lab-diamond supply can contact us through our general form here.


Please fill out the form below to purchase a loose diamond or create a custom setting. We will follow up with you in 24 hours:

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