About us


Changing the Status Quo 

Love between two people cannot be measured by the cost of an engagement ring, and no one should be pressured to overspend on an engagement ring because society demands it. 

Yasamine believes that a beautiful center stone should be available to everyone without exorbitant markups or unethical origin. That is why we provide a sustainable alternative to earth mined diamonds in an effort to give a choice to couples who wish to change the status quo, and make a statement.


"The Truth" - a message from the founder 

I was very lucky to have been born with a unique last name, which translates to "Truth" in english. The meaning of this name was a great inspiration for me to live life with honesty, integrity and truth. That is why we have given this name to our product - our stones live up to the same standard. Our high-quality lab created diamonds and moissanite stones are exceptionally beautiful and durable enough to withstand a long life - or even a second life as a family heirloom. Customers can trust that our product and business is run on the principles of honesty, integrity, and of course, truth.